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Experience that Counts

Our diverse Field Team are the forefront of our organisation with varying degrees of experience and qualifications.

We pride ourselves on being able to establish job opportunities and career path development from entry level to operators, leading hands, supervisors and administration positions.

DCS provides skill building opportunities for employees needing assistance in learning support and disability work. We contribute to the government incentive programs, as well as other government funded groups.

Our staff are generously remunerated at above award rates for their hard work and rewarded for their ability to complete every job safely and effectively. DCS encourage career succession through training and skill building establishing high retention rates and a family friendly environment. Our employees are not just colleagues but family, we are proud to have such a cohesive team who look out for each other.

Our friendly and professional office staff and field team work closely with their clients to ensure all day-to-day tasks run smoothly. To provide services in Field Maintenance, Infrastructure, Trade Assistance, Labour Hire and more.

Constant auditing is completed within the company, as well as ensuring all mandatory qualifications, authorisations, certifications, licenses, and compliance requirements are up to date.

Our Field Team Qualifications include the following certification and licences:

  • Working at Heights
  • Elevated work platform
  • High Pressure Water Blasting
  • Gas Test Atmospheres
  • First aid and CPR
  • MR/ HR Operators
  • Gantry Operators
  • S1, S2, S3 Supervisors

Justin Goodwin – Managing Director

Justin Goodwin’s journey with BBIS/DCS began in 2010, marking the start of a transformative chapter in the company’s history. Returning to Australia after a stint in the United States, Justin brought a wealth of experience and a renewed dedication to the family business. Rising through the ranks, Justin assumed the role of General Manager, steering DCS towards unprecedented growth and success, evolving it into the thriving multi-million-dollar enterprise it is today. Alongside his professional achievements, Justin shares a deeply fulfilling personal life with his wife, Chelsie, who formerly served as Assistant Manager at the company, and their three beloved children, Sierra, Ashton, and Ezra.

Justin’s leadership prowess and comprehensive mechanical knowledge have been instrumental in DCS’s expansion of servicing capabilities, enabling the company to meet evolving industry demands with precision and excellence. His adept management style extends beyond the boardroom, as Justin leads the DCS team both on and off-site, fostering enduring relationships with site representatives and stakeholders.

Embodying a vision of unity and empowerment, Justin envisions DCS as more than just a workplace but a familial environment, characterized by dedication, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to safety. Under his guidance, DCS cultivates a culture where employees thrive, driven by a shared passion for exemplary performance and a steadfast focus on safety above all else.

Peter Downs – Executive Director

Peter Downs is a seasoned professional with a rich background in the business sector. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Peter is playing a pivotal role in DCS’ success story. His leadership and strategic vision have been instrumental in driving growth and expanding the company’s reach to new heights.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Peter is a devoted family man. He shares his life with his loving wife and two daughters, cherishing every moment spent with them. Originally hailing from Sydney, Peter recently relocated Mackay, embracing new opportunities and adventures with enthusiasm.

Peter’s journey in the world of business has been defined by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to driving meaningful change. His strategic vision and innovative thinking have consistently propelled organizations forward, navigating them through both challenges and opportunities with grace and determination.

Peter’s dedication to his work, coupled with his unwavering commitment to his family, serves as a testament to his character and values. Whether in the boardroom or at home, Peter strives for excellence in all aspects of his life, leaving a lasting impression on those around him.

Florin Grigore – Area Manager

Florin is a seasoned professional at DCS, bringing a rich tapestry of experience with a laser focus on Workplace Health and Safety. His innate mentoring ability ensures that DCS’s core values permeate every aspect of our work, guaranteeing the highest quality standards. Florin’s commitment extends to providing direct on-site communication with all DCS clients, assuring a seamless and consistent service model tailored to their specific needs. For any Client Services requirements, Florin is the trusted point of contact, embodying DCS’s dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.

Contact Florin 

Jacqui Upton – Operations Manager

Jacqui is the Operational Manager ensuring our clients, customers, and employees are cared for. She is also a scheduling master, with a vast knowledge of the mining and industrial sector within the Bowen Basin coordinating day to day maintenance requirements to major project planning. Jacqui has over 20 years experience in office support and management roles, coordinatization site and crew requirements for DCS for the last 3 years assisting the Executive team in business development opportunities and the management of the company’s day to day processes. Contact Jacqui today for business enquiries and employment opportunities

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Susara Pretorius – Finance Manager

Susara is a financial expert with a vast range of experience in Business Administration and Accounting. She has worked in various executive business positions across the region over the last 13 years, holding a degree in Accounting and an MBA. For all your quoting, payroll and accounting enquiries contact Susara


Contact Susara

Vanessa Harris

Venessa Harris – Finance Officer

Vanessa brings a wealth of finance and management experience to her role at DCS, having previously served as a Business Manager at a State School. Originally from Birdsville, her diverse skills and unique perspective enrich our team’s operations. Outside of work, Vanessa enjoys exploring Mackay’s beaches with her dog, demonstrating her passion for nature. Her proactive approach and dedication make her a valuable asset in our pursuit of organizational goals.

Jackson Obst - Compliance Officer

Jackson Obst is a dynamic Compliance Officer at DCS, leveraging his business degree and youthful enthusiasm to excel. With a strong commitment to upholding compliance standards, Jackson combines strategic insight and proactive problem-solving to ensure regulatory adherence while fostering innovation. Known for his keen attention to detail and dedication to excellence, Jackson oversees all compliance aspects at DCS, navigating complex regulations with ease. Beyond his role, he advocates for corporate integrity and sustainability, driving positive change in the industry.

Contact Jackson Obst

Georgie Grey – Business Support Assistant

Georgie has a vast knowledge of mining operations within the Bowen Basin as she has over two years’ experience a DCS Supervisor across various industrial and mining agents. Georgie manages the entire onboarding process allowing her personal knowledge of on-the-job requirements to better set up our new to industry recruits. Please contact Georgie today for all training and authorization enquiries.


Contact Georgie

dale 2

Dale Andrews - Workshop Mechanic

Dale Andrews brings extensive experience in diesel fitting and mechanical maintenance to our team. Originally from Newcastle and now based in Mackay, Dale specializes in heavy equipment maintenance and fleet management. With a background in wash plant maintenance, Dale is known for his attention to detail and commitment to operational efficiency. Outside of work, he enjoys camping and dirt biking. Contact Dale directly for any vehicle repairs or maintenance needs.

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