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Our Fleet

With our cutting-edge vacuum, waterblast, and EWP Wash trucks, we assure effective, efficient, self-sufficient, and safe completion of all tasks. Our fleet undergoes regular maintenance, ensuring strict compliance and safe operation at all times. This commitment to upkeep guarantees the best advantages in terms of economic efficiency, cleaning efficacy, and environmental responsibility.

Each vehicle is meticulously inspected and compliant with the standards required for service on designated sites.

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Water Blast and Vacuum Trucks

DCS 21, DCS 13, DCS 16, DCS 19, DCS 123

High CFM Vac unit with 4000 litre slurry tank
two hoses- 25 meters/3 inches, 30 meters/2 inches
Capable of drawing both dry and wet material
Guarantees it will cut through any grease, grime and dirt
60 meters of hose with high pressure capabilities of 150 degrees at 4000PSI
These trucks best suited for: Hydro Excavation, Vacuum Loading, Workshop/infrastructure/ Drain and Pit Cleaning, Weed & Seed, Transport Clean

Quad Hot Water Blast Truck

Hover Box Element

Consists of Two pressure washer units, contained two gurneys each

 13,000L water tank 

Each unit supplying 17Lts per minute at 3800PSI

Includes a foaming system and a high-volume pump which can be adjusted to low volume to wash fragile areas 

Filter Truck

DCS 22

Supplies high volume and high-pressure hot water

Capabilities of 155 degrees

Washing and cleaning at 3800PSI

Supplies high volume and high pressure hot water

Capabilities of 155 degrees and pressure washing and cleaning at 3800PSI

Light Vehicles and Trailer

DCS 1, DCS 04, DCS 05, DCS 08, DCS 10, DCS 14, DCS 15, DCS 17, DCS 18, DCS 124, DCS125

Five star ANCAP Dual Cab Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux,  and Ford Raptor Ute

Each vehicle is fitted with toolboxes and PPE kits

A wide range of tools and equipment to ensure efficient and effective cleaning

Twin Water Blast Truck

DCS 06

Fitted with high volume water pump 

Two pressure washer units and holds 8000L of water

each unit supplies 15Lts per minute of water at 3800PSI


EWP Trucks and Water Blast Trailers

DCS 09

Terex Ranger LT38P Elevated Work Platform (EWP)

maximum working height of 13mts on a Hino 4WD

Has a high volume and high-pressure hot water blast gun at 3500 PSI on the EWP, mounted and controlled within the EWP bucket

Includes Truck wash HVHC foaming system 

Street Sweeper

DCS 20

Available for port facilities and workshop laydown areas

Ideal for large off-shore loading debris cleans, workshop laydown areas and civil works


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