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Our Commitment

Safety is our number one priority. We are uncompromising in our commitment to the health, wellbeing and safety of our employees, clients, and community. We promote a continuous improvement culture to ensure up to date processes, demonstrate leadership, and promote comprehensive safe practices in the Industrial Cleaning Sector.

Our Team take individual accountability in adhering to our safety standards, and actively participate in and support the advancement of our health, wellbeing and safety practices. Safety is the priority of all employees and of those we work with, including both top management and the individual. Everyone is responsible for achieving zero Incident target and promoting of environmentally friendly practise.

Dragline Cleaning Services Pty Ltd is committed to keeping our employees informed with up to date safety practices in the Mining and Industrial Industry as well as current safety issues, obligations, and regulations.

Our Policy

It is the policy of Dragline Cleaning Services Pty Ltd to:

  • Maintain a safe and healthy workplace for all employees in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and serviced site practices
  • Promote a positive attitude towards Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Environmental Practices.
  • Commit appropriate and sufficient resources to protect and support company safety and wellbeing efforts including providing technical support for our field crews.
  • Provide management leadership and require all employees to take responsibility and ownership for safety.
  • Ensure that each employee understands that they have the obligation to stop, check, assess and questions. To ensure the wellbeing of their team mates, being proactive in preventing an unsafe incident from occurring.
  • To provide industry leading training to our employees ensure they are equipped for the job.
  • Regularly review and evaluate Safety, Health, Wellbeing procedures, and practices to assure that they are effective and up to date.
  • Assure timely and thorough reporting and investigation of all incidents including the identification of causal factors and the establishment of effective corrective actions.
  • Promote team involvement and provide support, training and information in Safety improvement discussions, meetings and establishing changes.

Dragline Cleaning Services Pty Ltd takes pride in it’s relationships with employees, clients and community and is committed to being a leading Industrial Cleaning service provider and employer of choice.


DCS understands the importance of the effect we have on the environment, which is why we ensure our Environmental Management Plan(EMP) strictly complies with the highest standards regarding the safe use of environmentally friendly chemicals, and the efficiency of our equipment. We continue to seek the most efficient and innovative practices to reduce our environmental impact, procure from suppliers whom have environmental conscious practices, low emission schemes and products. Whilst working hard to increase employee awareness and how theycan contribute to our environmental targets.


DCS’ top priority is the safety of not only our own, but all interacting personnel. Our policies and procedures contain in-depth information on how to maintain a healthy and safe work environment, DCS’ aims to achieve zero workplaces incidents. Our policies and procedures acrimoniously being reviewed to ensure we go above and beyond to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and the public.
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