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Please maintain awareness of COVID restrictions . If you are unwell stay home!
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Strictly NO SMOKING in vehicles

PLEASE TAKE NOTE – (STRICTLY NO SMOKING IN DCS VEHICLES) DCS DO NOT TOLORATE ANY SMOKING IN VEHCILES. It has come to our attention that DCS18 our brand new light vehicle has smoke ash throughout the vehicle. If you are the responsible person, please come and see me.[/alert][alert type=”warning”]Speeding in DCS Vehicles – Over the last couple of weeks I have been viewing the GPS trackers on vehicle’s . I have notice a lot of speeding with vehicles, I understand you are all keen to get home after work, but DCS want to see you all get home safely. This is a warning to all staff that are driving DCS vehicles to stay within the speed limits and drive to the conditions, I will be monitoring this over the next few months. It has been brought to my attention from the workshop mechanic, that the vehicles are gathering very fine dust inside. Could we please at all time keep windows closed as they all have operating air conditionings and there is no need for the windows to be down on haul roads. This is a reminder that there is strictly no smoking prohibited in DCS vehicle. 

Zero tolerance for Bullying and Harassment

Please note this is a reminder of our zero tolerance policy regarding sexual or any other form of harassment by anyone in our company, including directors, managers, supervisors and employees. Harassment of any kind is prohibited against a fellow employee, contractors and vendors. Harassment can come in many different forms and can be verbal, nonverbal and/or sexual in nature. We must all take proactive measures to be sure employees are aware of, understand and abide by our companies policy. As you know, we also discuss these topics in our staff meetings. We are committed to continuing to work hard to provide a good and safe work environment for all employees. That includes a zero tolerance policy for all forms of workplace harassment. Please review the attached DCS workplace harassment policy. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

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